Emma VanSchulz

Hi there! I’m Emma, the artist and owner of WOVEN WYLD. I’m a self taught bead weaver, an outdoor enthusiast, & a HUGE fan of plants. When I’m not bead weaving, you can probably bet I’m touching all the flowers in the mountains, taking an art class, sailing with my sweetie, dancing to some groovy tunes, laughing at old reruns of Cheers or goofing off with friends.

I currently live amongst the mountains in the Salt Lake Valley with my HUSBAND (we just got married!) & one grumpy backyard kitty.


The Earrings

WOVEN WYLD designs are influenced by natural wonders of the Southwest, aesthetics of the West Coast & a lifestyle of travel.

All designs are are made with nylon thread & delicate glass beads. No looms, glues, wires or other adhesive materials are used. Each earring is woven together, one bead at a time, by me & only me. It can take up to 8 hours, from start to finish, to weave together the 1,400 beads that make a pair of WYLDs.